Mortlach, Saskatchewan
Home of the Annual Saskatoonberry Festival July 2, 2016
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Attractions in the area

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Moose Jaw

Chaplin Lake

Prairie Berries  

Nature Moose Jaw

Thomson Lake

Swift Current

Danielson Prov Park
Claybank Brick Plant     Douglas Provincial Park  
Corner Gas Set     Riverhurst  

Buffalo Pound Prov Park

    Craik Eco Centre  

Unlike Sandy Creek, the amazing waters of Manitou Lake  are so filled with minerals (9 GRAMS of Mg/litre and 35 GRAMS of sulphate/litre) that you CAN"T SINK.... you really ought to give it a try. Healing - and a whole lot of fun for young and old alike.

 Within a two-and-one-half hour drive



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Fort Qu'Appelle Grasslands Nat.Park Maple Creek Manitou Lake & Spa  
  The Big Muddy Cypress Hills Sask Landing Prov Pk  
  Annual Wagon Train T. Rex Discovery Centre Saskatoon  
  Wood Mtn Rodeo
    Cypress Vineyard
    Great Sand Hills





You don' t have far to travel to see this rather large moose, and all the wonders of Moose Jaw...